Advertising package!


Even if you have the most beautiful online store or website, nobody will notice you if you don’t show your customers that you exist. No matter how well optimized your site is, it all loses its meaning if you don’t have good advertising.

The most profitable and most effective advertising is Internet advertising.
We offer a complete advertising package to benefit your online business. With its help, you will have the opportunity to start your business with all the necessary tools for advertising and optimization at a price of BGN 300. Time to prepare the package – 10 working days.

Posting engaging content is key. It is important for fans to share, like, comment.

The package includes:
Register in Google Maps
The Google Maps platform enables anyone to quickly and accurately find the address (location) of your business, customer reviews and opinions about you.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter business page registration
The fan page provides the opportunity to promote a variety of products or services, as well as sell through an online store.

Newsletter registration
Newsletter is a newsletter for WordPress: it manages everything from user subscriptions to email automation, from follow-up notifications to list building.

If you don’t have time for all this, we will take care of the proper management of your ad.


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