We offer

Creation of websites with WordPress (WordPress) CMS ready template/template

Website technical support
WordPress should always be updated, both the theme and the extensions. Add or remove information, photos and other components. That’s why technical support is important.

Managing a WordPress website
Website content management – for sites that change less often, management and maintenance of specific sections of a site – banner ads, text management in different parts of the site, etc.

SSL certificate for WordPress site
For each installed WordPress site, you get a free SSL security certificate configuration. It will increase the security of your site and also help you rank better in search engines.

Create a virtual chat
Facebook Messenger has become the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to communicate between people at a time when the digital world is developing at a particularly dynamic pace. We integrate Facebook Messenger into your site.

Logo design and creation
Every company, organization or institution has a logo with which it identifies itself to its customers and partners. The logo is an essential element of the corporate style of any company.

Training for working with the admin panel
This training takes place after the site made by us is ready. The tutorials are designed for people who will manage and maintain websites and online stores built with WordPress.